Pink Ribbon Cheer Classic Jump Off Registration
1. The form must be filled out in it's entirety. Please do not skip any information.
2. Your registration is considered complete once this form is completed, and you are paid in full for the jump and/or tumble off. You will receive an invoice by request. Payments can be sent to PO Box 9303 Youngstown Ohio, 44513
3. A confirmation of registration will NOT be sent to coaches, however a list for each division will be available on the website prior to the event.
4. There will be a jump and tumble competition for all age levels. This event is $10 per cheerleader per event if registered during preregistration only!
5. No squads can add jumpers or tumblers AFTER the registration deadline of OCTOBER 15.
6. YOU MAY sign up AS A LATE registration at the event for $25 per person per event.

Jumpers will perform one Toe Touch and One Jump of Choice PRIOR TO PERFORMING WITH THEIR TEAM.
A FINAL JUMP-OFF MAY/May NOT take place at the judges discretion.
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