JUNA 2022 Team Registration Form
Please complete the form below to register for JUNA 2022. Please fill out one form per team/country. If you need to submit registration forms for several teams then fill out all of the information for the first team and then for the following teams fill out the Primary Sponsor First and Last Names, school name, and the country selected. Then for all other questions put "ap" (already provided). This will make registration go much faster for you.

**Also please note the addition of a limit of 2 teams per school, per grade. For example, Mountain Brook Junior High may have 2 teams consisting of 7th graders and 2 teams consisting of 8th graders.
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I certify that I have read the list of taken countries on the registration page and have NOT chosen one of these to represent. *
I certify that I have read the list of Security Council member nations of JUNA 2021 and understand the responsibility my team has if I have selected one of these to represent. *
I certify that I understand that the cost for the first six delegates on my team will be $55.00 each. The seventh and eighth delegates will cost $110.00 each. *
I certify that I have read and understand the two team per grade, per school limit and in completing this form am not in violation of said rule. *
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