TTCC Baseball, Softball & T-Ball Survey
This is a follow up to our initial survey to gather more info on what you all may want to see us try to offer for baseball, softball & t-ball in the coming months if we're able to. From the first survey we gathered there was interest, now we need some more specifics to help us plan!
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Children's names & ages (please indicate which level - baseball, softball and/or t-ball)
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Summer or Fall season
Type of play
Not likely to participate
Somewhat likely to participate
Very likely to participate
Sandlot style - 1x / week - less structured play, laid back, fun, local
Recreational play - 2x / week - more structured practices & games, mostly local
Competitive - 3x or more / week - structured practices, travel to play
Goals - what would you want to get out of the program?
not important
somewhat important
most important
Skills - to learn & practice different sports skills
Fun game play - learn to play game in fun laid back environemtn
Competitive game play - play games in a competitive atmosphere
Socialize - to be able to interact with peers
Exercise / Be Active - to be able to do something healthy & active
Let us know if you have any questions, concerns or input as we work toward developing a plan!
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