Sweden Game Conference 2018 IndieCator Submission Form
Every year at Sweden Game Conference, we reserve a very special place in our venue for indie games that need exposure and feedback. Our aim is to help indie teams showcase unique, bold game projects to both industry professionals and public, to get valuable feedback and an opportunity to network with some of the most prominent names from the Swedish and international video games scene.

We offer you a free 90 cm x 60 cm spot right in the heart of our venue, that you can decorate as you wish as long as you do not disturb the other IndieCator participants. Of course this comes with two complimentary full Sweden Game Conference passes, including a place at our Gala Awards Dinner. Finally, you also participate in the IndieCator Public Choice Award.

Please note that you will have to bring your own hardware and to secure your travel and lodging in Skövde throughout the event. We can absolutely assist you, but we are unable to offer financial aid. If you are accepted, you also commit to showcase throughout all the time during which the event is open, including the Festival that takes place on October 20.

This year's IndieCator has doubled in size so we have 24 slots!. Since this year's Conference theme is Politics and Games, we will select projects that best fit this theme. Please check www.swedengamearena.com for more information about this year's theme.

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About Sweden Game Conference 2018
Sweden Game Conference 2018 takes place in Skövde, Sweden, in October 17-19. The event is followed by a one day games festival open to the public, called Sweden Game Festival, taking place in the same location on October 20.

The theme of Sweden Game Conference 2018 is “Games and Politics: Reflections on power, play and changing perspective”:

Increasingly games and politics intersect within contemporary culture and as drivers for activism and social change. Together they are topics for discussion and debate across a number of sectors and within diverse communities, such as education, development and entertainment. At Sweden Game Conference 2018, we reflect on how games can influence political perspectives, and vice versa:

- What roles do games play in the current political climate?
- How are contemporary social issues like immigration, the environment or diversity represented in games?
- In what ways do global and local politics affect game development and the game industry?

About Sweden Game Conference
As one of the leading conferences in Europe aimed at game development students and start-ups, Sweden Game Conference’s focus is not only to cover business and development, but to include academia and research as well. In 2017, the event gathered over 900 business participants, attending over 35 talks & panels hosted by prominent speakers from all over the games industry, including Brie Code, Jason Hayes, Dan Da Rocha, Ste Curran, Åsa Roos and many more.
About Sweden Game Arena
As Europe's most vibrant cluster for game education, business, development and research, Sweden Game Arena provides opportunities to join, invest, study, research and profit. For more than a decade, our cluster at the heart of Northern Europe has been at the forefront of innovation in game education and incubation. This has been key to propelling Sweden, with a population of less than 10 million people, into one of the world's top ten exporters of video games.
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