Got Social Media Skills?
Thank you for your interest in joining the NYC-DSA Social Media Team! We'd like to get you up-to-speed as soon as possible, but first, we'd like to hear a little about you.

Please complete this informational form and we'll reach out to you with next steps as soon as we can!

If you have any questions, please email:
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In case we need to add you to our rapid response chat, provide access credentials, or get in touch with you for some other reason. (Please download Signal if you haven't already:
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For the purposes of this form, we define "active" as regularly attending meetings/calls; participating in organizing, acting as a knowledge base, and/or holding leadership positions within the working group.
Which platform team(s) are you most interested in helping out with? (Select two.) *
Our Facebook Team operates on a daily schedule while our Twitter Team is scheduled on a week-by-week basis with rotations starting on Monday and ending on Sunday. Instagram currently has a flexible schedule with volunteers contributing as graphics, images, and video content — both curated and self-generated — are received. This is subject to change.
Please indicate your level of experience with utilizing the following social media platforms: *
This includes (but is not limited to): Writing social copy (both in advance and as-needed); knowing what makes a post successful vs. unsuccessful; creating and staging graphics/video/media for posts; doing digital outreach; using official and/or third-party tools & social media management utilities; and so on. No experience is necessary to join our platform teams — we'd just like to get a sense of your comfort level in order to better support you! If you have no experience on platforms listed, please select "None".
Would you be interested in recording mobile photo/video or doing live social (e.g., livetweeting, livestreaming) for DSA events, rallies, and actions? *
Do you have any experience making memes or doing graphic design for social media? *
Briefly describe any relevant experience you have in communications and representing organizations or individuals digitally: *
NOTE: Write 'N/A' if you don't have any.
Would you be interested in being a team captain? *
Team Leads are digital organizers responsible for day-to-day and week-to-week oversight of assigned platform team organizers. They are typically more available to bottom-line “on call” requests such as rapid response, and assist with scheduling primaries/backups, answering/drafting team emails, supplementing live event coverage, and executing advanced social media requests pertaining to their platform team with the help of the Social Media Coordinator. Due to the importance of this role, we ask that Team Captains stay on for a one-year term.
How much time will you have per week to contribute to social media team activities? *
NOTE: Our Twitter Team tends to be the most requested and our Team Lead roles generally require a bigger time investment. Keep this in mind when selecting your answer.
Our platform teams are composed of dedicated NYC-DSA comrades who agree to assist our social media endeavors for at least six months. Is this something you can commit to? *
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