Impact of Covid-19 Policies and Regulations on Cross-Border Working
Every day an estimated 30,000 people cross the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to work. COVID-19 has caused significant disruption in how we all work but there are issues specific to cross-border workers that we would particularly like to draw out and understand better.

The COVID-19 pandemic, the restrictions put in place (involving legislative and policy changes) and the move for many towards more home-based working has brought a number of issues to the fore in terms of cross-border working. This includes how people physically cross the border to work, the implications of working from home and how cross-border workers are supported by employers and/or government in various ways including access to information and access to the various COVID supports.

As part of the "Time to measure cross-border impacts" project, supported by the Department for Foreign Affair's Reconciliation Fund, the Centre for Cross Border Studies would really appreciate your time to give us your views on the issues that COVID has brought to the fore from the perspective of cross-border working. We want to focus that understanding on how these issues have and/or might impact on the social, economic, environmental and/or territorial cohesion of the Ireland-Northern Ireland Cross-Border region.

If you could take 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire it would be greatly appreciated. RESPONSES ARE COMPLETELY ANONYMISED.
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