Waldo County "Grow a Row" Pledge
Thanks for your interest in growing food for hunger relief! By filling out the form below, you pledge to provide the produce from a portion of your garden to those in need in Waldo County. We will reach out with drop off instructions later in the season.
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Yes! I agree to grow food for hunger relief in Waldo County. (Please place your name in the space below to sign) *
What's the best way to contact you? (only put your information in the space below if you opt in to sharing your contact information) *
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Comments prior to pledging? (If you'd like to donate money, please go to our donation site: https://unitybarnraisers.org/waldocountybounty/; if you'd like to volunteer labor, please sign up on our volunteer form: https://forms.gle/dgFEk7ExKowEe49h8)
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