Insect consumption survey
This study aims to evaluate consumer behavior regarding insect consumption in order to understand the importance of psychological and economic barriers to its adoption.

Please allow 5 to 10 minutes to complete the survey.

The information collected will remain confidential. No one will be able to link your identity to the details provided. This study has been approved by Concordia University's ethics committee. For any ethical preoccupation regarding this research project, please communicate with the person responsible of research ethics by dialing 514-848-2424, extension 7481, or by emailing

Thank you for contributing to the success of this study!

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Have you ever heard of the practice of eating insects, which is named entomophagy? *
Were you aware that over a quarter of the world's population commonly eat insects? *
Were you aware that insects were a sustainable alternative to conventional animal meat? *
Were you aware that insects could constitute an advantageous nutritional choice as compared to conventional meat? *
As some insects are omnivorous, did you know that they could help us revaluate our organic wastes into food or feed? *
Have you ever willingly eaten insects? *
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