Entry Level Pre Course Workbook
Welcome to the Entry Level Course for Soccer Referees. You should have received, along with this pre-course study booklet, a copy of the Laws of the Game, details of the venue of the course, an outline timetable and what equipment will be needed, together with the appropriate dress and footwear.
The object of this pre-course study is, together with the Laws of the Game, to prepare the potential referee for the Entry Level Course. It requires you to have researched some of the Laws and to answer the following questions prior to your first session of the course. This workbook will be evaluated by the Course Instructor.
We hope that you enjoy the course and that this is a start to a long and successful career as a Soccer Referee.

The workbook covers Law 1 (Field of Play), Law 2 (The Ball), Law 3 (The Players), Law 4 - the Player's Equipment, Law 15 (Throw In), Law 16 (Goal Kick) and Law 17 (Corner Kick).

All answers can be found in the Laws of the Game. If you do not have a copy you can find them on-line at http://www.theifab.com/laws

There are a mix of short answer and multiple choice questions- at the end of the workbook you will see how many multiple choice questions you got right, and the correct answers. For short answer questions, your instructor will review. This is not a test- you mark is entirely to let you check whether you got the right answers and will not be part of your final evaluation. There are 46 questions in all.

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