DutchNews.nl readers survey 2017
We'd very much appreciate a few minutes of your time to fill in this simple survey - which has just 24 questions - and you could win a copy of The Amsterdam Cook Book.

Your input will help us make DutchNews.nl a better product for both you and the advertisers we rely on.

How long have you lived in the Netherlands?
How often do you read DutchNews.nl?
What other publications aimed at internationals in the Netherlands do you read regularly?
You may tick more than one box
How do you follow DutchNews.nl?
Which aspect of living in the Netherlands do you find most complicated?
Which of the following services might you use this year?
Which of the following service providers might you change this year?
Which of the following things might you buy this year?
Which of the following things might you do this year?
If you have children who are not yet adults are they
If you are planning a break in Europe, where might you visit? Tick as many as you like.
How do you rate DutchNews.nl?
Would you be prepared to pay a small fee (say €25 a year) to receive DutchNews.nl n return for less advertising?
What would you like to see more of on DutchNews.nl?
Would you be interested in specialised quarterly newsletters on any of the following topics?
(You may tick more than one)
Who do you work for?
What is your final education level?
How would you describe yourself?
Where do you come from?
What is your family situation?
How old are you?
What is your household income
Are you
That's all folks
Thank you very much for filling in our questionnaire. We appreciate your time.
If you would like to be entered in a draw to win a copy of The Amsterdam Cook Book, then please add your email address. We won't use it for any other purpose.
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