Penicuik Rugby Club - Members social events survey
This survey aims to help us better understand what kind of events our members enjoy and what other events we might usefully organise for the coming season
1. What kind of member would you describe yourself as? Player, Parent, Supporter, Coach or other *
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2. Have you watched any rugby matches played at Penicuik this year? (please tick as many as apply)
3. Have you attended any social events held at Penicuik Rugby Club this year (including just staying in the clubhouse after a Senior game for a drink)? *
4. Which event(s) have you attended this year? (please tick all that apply)
5. Please indicate (by selecting) which events you enjoyed this year?
6. Which events(s) did you particularly enjoy? Why was that?
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7. Was there anything about any of our events that you did NOT enjoy? What was that?
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8. If you didn't attend any of the Events listed, could you let us know why not?
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9. What events would you like us to consider arranging for next season?
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10. If there is anything else that you'd like to add that will help us organise better and more enjoyable events for our members, please let us know in the text box below. All suggestions are welcome and will be considered fully.
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