Polished Gamers Box OCTOBER 2022 Canadian Group Buy  
October 2022 PGB Group buy for Canadians.  Starting October. 15th until October.20th 2022 you can purchase anything on the Polish Gamers Box website and have it shipped in a group buy!

How it works:1) choose your polishes and use the code: CANADABUY when checking out.  This will remove the shipping costs from your order.
2) once the group buy is closed, all participating orders will be shipped to me(Kristine Van De Munt).  When the order arrives to me I will contact you for your portion of the shipping costs and let you know what shipping to you will be!  It will depend on how many bottles/items are ordered.

3)Shipping costs will be due directly to your group buy coordinator at a later date. All payments should be made as E-transfer or PayPal Friends and Family and in the currency, I state in my message. Every time payments are made incorrectly, and refunds have to be made, I lose money on the PayPal transaction. So please, read everything carefully to make this group buy run as smooth as possible! Please ensure the information you submit is correct. Once the form is filled out responses are saved and will not be changed or removed.  ***Please do not fill out the form if you cannot commit to the shipping payment close to the end of the pre-sale.**
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Have you read everything about the group buy that I posted above? If you haven't, please go back and read it - it's important and will probably answer any questions you may have! *
Filling out the form & participating in this group buy is a promissory note to pay in a timely manner to the group buy coordinator. Neither the group buy coordinator nor Polished Gamers Box is responsible for covering the costs of shipping to the member. Do you agree? * *
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Stamp shipping notice: PGB and The coordinator are not responsible for lost packages shipped with this method.  Since there is no tracking with this method lost packages are the risk of the buyer and will not be refunded.  The same apllies to damaged items shipped with this method, The buyer takes full responsibility for any damaged items shipped with this method. You must agree to these terms if you choose this method of shipping. *
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