Latin Maxims & Phrases - Quiz #07
12 multiple choice questions with one option correct of 1 point each.
“Ex ______ et consequentibus fit optima interpretatio.”
Hint: From what goes before and what follows, the best interpretation is arrived at.
1 point
“Equity ______ the spirit and not the letter.”
Hint: Equity looks at the intention of the parties, and not at the actual words employed in any transaction.
1 point
“Ex dolo malo non ______ actio.”
Hint: An action does not arise from a fraud.
1 point
“Ex nudo pacto non ______ actio.”
Hint: An action does not arise from a nude contract.
1 point
“Equity never wants a ______.”
Hint: Where a valid trust exists, equity will impose on the person in whom the legal estate is vested the duty and obligation of carrying out such trust.
1 point
“Ex turpi causa non ______ actio.”
Hint: No action arises from an immoral cause (or base consideration).
1 point
“Executio juris non habet ______.”
Hint: The execution of the law works no injury.
1 point
“Esse optime constitutam ______, quae ex tribus generibus illis, regali (monarchy), optimo (aristocracy), et populari (democracy), sit modice confusa.”
Hint: That State is the best constituted which is made up in moderation of the three classes, royalty, nobility, and commons.
1 point
“Erant omnia communia et indivisa omnibus, veluti unum cunctis ______ esset.”
Hint: All things were common and undivided to all people, as if there were one property for all.
1 point
“______ probat regulam.”
Hint: Exception proves the rule.
1 point
“Ex ______ temporis omnia praesumuntur rite esse acta.”
Hint: After a length of time all things are presumed to have been properly done.
1 point
“Est boni judicis ampliare ______ (et justitiam).”
Hint: It is the duty of a good judge to enlarge his jurisdiction and also justice itself ; i.e., to extend the remedies of the law, and without usurping jurisdiction, to apply its rules to the advancement of justice.
1 point
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