The purpose of this survey is to obtain information about PNP personnel views and opinions on the PRO 13 CARAGA down to the lower units as work environment. The survey results should serve to determine the degree of satisfaction among PNP personnel in terms of COMPENSATION and BENEFITS, RECOGNITION and REWARD, WORKING CONDITIONS, PLACEMENT and PROMOTION, SUPERVISOR and SUBORDINATE relationship and JOB EXPECTATION, TRAINING, and GRIEVANCE and CONTRIBUTION to the ORGANIZATION and other factors that have direct impact to job functions/duties. Furthermore, it will serve to promote working conditions and the work environment in general.

Please read carefully every question before answering. You should express your opinions only, without discussing them with fellow PNP personnel. This is very important because the purpose of the survey is to obtain a true image of your views and opinions on certain issues. It is also recommended that all questions be answered.

Rest assured that all the data/information that would be supplied in the herein questionnaire would be treated confidentially in accordance with the ethical standards of the survey.

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