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Bikeability is the nationally accredited cycle training scheme backed by the Department for Transport. It takes place primarily on local roads and in trafficked conditions. It is designed to provide trainees with the necessary skills to ride on today’s roads.

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Parent/Guardian please read the course conditions below.
Your child should arrive at the training session with the appropriate clothing and accessories for the time of year. This may include gloves and waterproofs or sun cream. In terms of footwear, trainers or school shoes are good while flat ballet pumps, Crocs or flip flops are not appropriate. Please bring a water bottle.

If you wish to borrow a helmet, you can request one below.

The trainee MUST bring a checked and safe bike.
Your child will not be able to participate if there are faults on the bike that cannot be made safe by the instructor before the training begins.
Please tick that you have checked the 4 key parts on the bike: *
The trainee MUST have a helmet that fits correctly and is not damaged.
If the trainee arrives without a helmet or if the helmet is found to be unsafe by the instructor, the trainee will not be able to participate. No full-face helmets or helmets that cover the ears or eyes are permitted. If necessary, please tie your child's hair in a low pony tail as it may interfere with the fitting of the helmet. If you have any queries, please speak to the school.
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Please identify any medical or behavioural issues that the instructor should know about.
Please note that the course will be held in trafficked conditions and any problematic behaviour may affect the outcomes of the course
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Do you wish to borrow a helmet?
In certain circumstances Avanti Cycling will be able to provide a helmet – please speak to your child’s school Bikeability coordinator. Avanti Cycling requires at least seven days’ notice.
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