Public Coaching Call with Dave Jackson
This form is for a coaching call with Podcast Consultant Dave Jackson. If selected, the coaching call will be recorded to be used in a future podcast episode. There is no charge. Before we press record you will be asked what we can and can't share publicly. While it's not my favorite, if you would like to remain anonymous, we can make this an option. For example we can say "Dave has a cooking show" or something generic. Realize people may recognize your voice.

Please note that I get more requests than slots, so if you submit multiple submissions (for the same problem) will be annoying. Anything on this form is private.
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Be specific as you can here. The more details the better (as in there is no such thing as too many details).
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The way I look at it is you want to make money, or you don't. Nothing wrong with making money, and nothing wrong with a passion project. I just need to know where we stand.
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Now that we know what your struggles are, what would a successful call look like. Again, the more detail the better.
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