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Dates for instruction & time class meets - When working with you to schedule the session, the librarian will take into consideration your preference and availability, the due date of the assignment, the date on which the students will receive the assignment, and classroom availability. *
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Library Instruction
Library instruction can take on many forms in order to facilitate the development of students’ skills and habits in the cognitive and affective domains. The end goal is to develop a well informed, information literate individual who is able to navigate the complex 21st century information world, across all media formats, in the classroom and beyond.  Consider the following ways that you could work with a librarian to incorporate information literacy into your course:

*Single session (this limits the number of topics that can be covered effectively due to cognitive overload)
*Multisession (provides deeper learning; time for practice and feedback)
*Faculty/Librarian collaboratively created worksheet/assignment
*Existing instructor-created assignment with librarian input
*Short video created by a librarian for a specific problem or assignment
*Flipped classroom approach using videos, tutorials or worksheets
*Course Guide (Research Guide)
*Links in Blackboard to library resources (examples:  make an appointment; tutorials; research/course guide, ebooks, etc.)

Possible Learning objectives:
*Analyze a topic and define key topics.
*Formulate a successful search strategy.
*Select and use appropriate print and electronic resources for their particular assignment/discipline.
*Critically evaluate sources regarding their relevancy, authority, accuracy, objectivity, content, and currency.
*Understand the difference between scholarly vs. popular information sources.

Tell me about what you would like students to be able to do at the end of the library instruction session(s). *
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