St. Bernard Confirmation Sponsor Commitment
You are beginning a grand adventure. You’ve been asked to walk with a candidate as s/he embarks on the challenging journey toward Confirmation. By accepting that invitation, you’ll be able to help a young person grow in her/his relationship with both Jesus and the church. What an honor! What a privilege!

The Confirmation preparation process can be—almost certainly will be—a time of spiritual and religious renewal and transformation for both you and the candidate.

Sponsors will be asked to "check-in" with and have "Confirmation Conversations" with their candidates on four separate occasions over the course of this preparation year. We will provide sponsors with the conversation prompts needed and the requested dates to complete these conversations in the sponsor handbook which can be found on our website at (Scroll down the page to "Sponsor Forms and Links." A copy of the handbook will also be emailed to all sponsors at the email address provided in this form.

We ask sponsors to complete this form by November 5.
Please list the first and last name of the Candidate that you have been asked to sponsor. *
What is you full name (first and last) *
What is your complete mailing address (Street, city, state, zip) *
Email will be a vital part of communicating with both candidates and sponsors. Please provide an email address that you check often. *
Please provide phone number (s) and indicate if a home or cell number.
An active and lived Catholic faith life is essential to the role of a sponsor. Please list the name and full mailing address of the Parish that you are currently registered and living out your Catholic faith life. *
Please read over the list of requirements below
With humility and gratitude, I will accept the responsibility and privilege of the role of Confirmation Sponsor for the candidate listed above. I meet the Church requirements for serving as a Confirmation sponsor. In this journey with my candidate I will pray to strengthen my own commitment to grow in faith and love in the Catholic Community. Please enter the date below and submit this form to affirm your commitment. *
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