Marketing Manager 2020-21 Application

Founded in 1884, The Lawrentian is Lawrence University’s longest running student organization and publication. Published online and in print, the newspaper aims to serve the Lawrence and Appleton communities by offering consistent and responsible reporting on important campus issues.

The Lawrentian is published eight times per term, not including special editions. Typically, the newspaper is distributed each Friday afternoon beginning with the second week of the term. We do not publish the newspaper during tenth week or finals.

MARKETING MANAGER is responsible for and should be capable of the following:
• Recruiting students around campus and from a variety of social circles to work for The Lawrentian
• Leading promotional campaigns for The Lawrentian, including designing and disseminating publicity materials
• Promoting The Lawrentian through social media campaigns and generally maintaining the newspaper's social media presence
• Creative and gregarious personality types are most well-suited for this position
• Undergoing training from date of appointment through end of Winter Term 2020

This is a paid position, but editors are expected to treat this as half an extra-curricular commitment and half employment. In addition, this is a three-term commitment from Spring Term 2020 to Winter Term 2021. If you have any questions, please contact current Editor-in-Chief Andrew Brown (
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