Planning for September
We are looking at what we Can Do over the summer months to support a wider return to school, and this includes developing a Recovery Curriculum that will help us meet the needs of our families and community and reignite the flame of learning.

We have been drawing on the advice of academics and mental health experts and know that we will need to prepare something that is personal to NNA families, builds on children’s and parents' experiences of lockdown and enables a positive re-engagement to more formal learning.

What is important is that you are honest with us. There is no judgement in what you record about your experiences or the worries you or your child(ren) might have., if any. We just need to know where you're at as a family.
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How are you feeling about your child returning to school in September? *
When you speak to your child, how are they feeling about returning to school? *
How have you found the experience of home learning/teaching? *
Overall, would you say that, during lockdown, your child’s learning has... *
What could we do to help families returning in September? What would you find useful as a PARENT? *
What could we do to help families returning in September? What do you think would be useful for your CHILD? *
What worries do you have, if any? *
Has your family experienced a significant difficult/traumatic event during lockdown and the time schools have been closed? (This could be linked to Covid-19 or not) *
Is there anything else you'd like us to know or have in mind as we plan for the wider re-opening of our school? *
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