Asia Cantate 2018 - International Choral Festival (Competition and Masterclass Registration)
Festival Duration: December 1st-4th, 2018
Festival Venue: Youth Sqaure, 238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

This festival was first held in Phuket, Thailand in 2012. The event successfully attracted more than 700 participants from the regional countries. Since then, the festival has stationed in Hong Kong attracting choirs from all around the world to compete and perform. This festival aspires to bring together choirs from around the world and premier choir in the region to compete in a multi-level competition. Singers will experience the excitement of competition, the pleasure of performance, the joy of achievement and the charming culture of Asia.

Hong Kong (香港), Special Administrative Regions of the People's Republic of China, is situated on China's south coast and, enclosed by the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea, it is known for its expansive skyline and deep natural harbour. The name "Hong Kong" is an approximate phonetic rendering of the pronunciation of the spoken Cantonese or Hakka name 香港, meaning "Fragrant Harbour". Hong Kong is frequently described as a place where "East meets West", reflecting the culture's mix of the territory's Chinese roots with influences from its time as a British colony.
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Awards and Prizes
ASIA CANTATE will also be featuring the ‘Voices of Asia’ Prize. It will be awarded to the choir with the best performance of a piece of Asian choral music and they will be specially featured in future events & festivals. To celebrate its success for being one of Asia’s premier choral festival, SGD 5000 worth of Cash Prizes will be awarded to the choirs including the Grand Prize, Conductor Prize, Jury Prize and more.
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