The We Outchea Survey
We all know the cliches about black and brown people participating in the outdoors. However, apart from a few surveys looking at the black travel experience, no research exists that helps us understand the reality of underrepresented groups in outdoor activities in the U.S. For the purposes of this survey, underrepresented groups includes BIPOCs, women, LBGT, plus size, people with disabilities, etc. is committed to including everyone outdoors, helping everyone access every activity and feel welcome every time, and we're hoping to get some answers with this short, 3-minute survey. We sincerely appreciate your thoughtful responses to our survey.

This survey will be ongoing and you will be able to request your answers at the end, change your answers after you've submitted and submit a response for each activity you want to tell us about. We will track and report on responses seasonally, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.
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Tell us about your activity
What was the last outdoor activity you participated in? *
What was the date of your activity? *
Where was your activity? *
Had you tried that activity before? *
If yes, how many times had you tried that activity before?
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If not, why hadn't you tried that activity?
Notice any behaviors from anyone that made you feel uncomfortable during your activity (i.e. owners charging different prices to different people, guides' inappropriate jokes, other participants feeling excluded, non-participants chanting slogans that made you feel a certain type of way, locals enforcing policies you didn't agree with, tourists being ignorant)? *
If you noticed this behavior, on a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate this behavior?
Not Bad At All
Really Bad
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If you noticed this behavior, why would you rate this behavior the way you did?
Who, if anyone, got you to try that activity? Check all that apply. *
Why did you agree to try it?
Did you notice any advertisements for this activity prior to trying it? *
If yes, did that advertisement use people/imagery that you felt represented you at your level?
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Did you have to buy specialized apparel and/or equipment to try that activity or where you able to rent or borrow from someone? *
Tell us about yourself?
What industry do you work in and in what role?
What is your current income?
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What do you identify as?
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What culture do you represent, if any? (i.e. Boricua, Chicano, Black American, West African, French, Egyptian, Colombiana, Aussie, South African bru, None, Say anything you want)
Do you speak any other languages?
Do you care about topics like climate change, saving the environment and living sustainably by consuming fewer resources? *
If yes, why? If no, why not? Keep it real, please. There's no wrong answer.
What city and state do you currently live? *
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