Horse Owner Donation/Free Lease Inquiry Form
Endeavor Mission:

Endeavor Therapeutic Horsemanship Inc.’s mission is to empower individuals with a broad range of special needs by providing the highest quality equine-assisted activities and therapies in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

Endeavor Vision:

Endeavor’s vision is to empower individuals through the healing potential of the horse.

Endeavor Values:

Acceptance ~ Achievement ~ Community ~ Enthusiasm ~ Horses as Partners Inclusion ~ Innovation ~ Opportunity ~ Respect ~ Safety

Our Equine Partners:

Our work would be impossible without the true partnership of our horses. Their willingness to engage our special need clients and participants is a rare and beautiful relationship. From our experience, about 1 out of every 10 horses we evaluate is appropriate for this type of work. Of the ten percent that we bring in, approximately half of those are selected to stay past their trial period to begin actual direct service work.

Trial Period:

We ask that all horses come for a minimum of a 60-day trial period before being accepted into program. During its trial period, the horse will have a full veterinarian work-up as well as time to adjust to Endeavor’s existing herd and routine. The horse will be ridden and handled by staff, and slowly introduced to all mounted and unmounted aspects of work at Endeavor. Towards the end of the trial period, if successful, you – the horse owner – will be added to our insurance policy and the horse will be introduced to program work with our participants. Depending on the horse’s fitness and training level, we may require a trial period longer than 60 days, so as to not overwhelm the horse.

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When your horse spooks, what does it look like?
Is your horse current on the following vaccines? In order to come on Endeavor property all horses must be current on the below vaccines, and must have received them more than a week prior to coming on property. *
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