Elite Athlete Fund
Made possible by donations from University graduates.

Team Bath can offer financial assistance to University of Bath students who are recognised within the Dual-Career programme; this document details how such funding can be accessed.

University students are entitled to apply for support towards certain costs incurred whilst competing to an international level; the amount available is dependent on whether the guidelines set out below are adhered to.

1. Level of competition

In order to qualify for funding, the competition to be attended must be of an international standard;

• FISU Registered Events (i.e. World University Games and Championships)
• EUSA Events
• Competitions where the athlete has been selected to represent their country internationally by their NGB

Any level below this (i.e. national and below) will not qualify for extra financial assistance from the Department of Sports Development and Recreation.

2. What the funding will cover

• For WUGS and WUCS there will be a contribution towards the students total expenses
• For competitions below FISU events, a contribution to personal expenses can be awarded
• Additionally, for other internationally recognised events a contribution of financial support will be provided for accommodation and transport costs incurred:

3. What the funding won’t cover:

The funding will not cover international training or trials, and the limited funds cannot contribute towards kit, equipment or food and drink expenses.

If the event or the athlete is fully subsidised, the award will be zero.

4. How to apply:

Once an athlete knows they will need financial assistance they are required in advance of the event to complete the application form below, detailing expected costs; this form also explains what is required in return for any funding. Once the athlete has agreed to the requirements and submits the form, the panel will consider how much money can be provided and the athlete will be informed as soon as possible.

• Applicants must be a current student of the University of Bath (or have graduated in the previous academic year, for biennial events).
• Applications must be made before attending the event
• Applications must carry written support from the appropriate University of Bath Coach.

All athletes will be required to pay the costs upfront and then any money pledged to an athlete can be claimed back upon presentation of relevant receipts and a media report. Without proof of these, athletes cannot redeem any money.

5. Conditions if receiving an award:

Successful applications will be required to liaise with Neil Rose at Matchtight (Neil@matchtight.co.uk). In regard to photographs, reports and press releases on the TeamBath website and other media outlets as applicable. This information may also be used in University Alumni publications.

To receive the award, athletes must supply:

• A minimum of 5 photos, these should be of the individual / team in competition

• A detailed report of your experience and results at the event
• Receipts of payment for the event within one month of the event (receipts received after this will not be eligible for the fund to be claimed)

We very much appreciate your help in this regard, the more publicity the more enthusiastic potential donors to the fund will become.

You will be informed of the outcome of your application by email at the earliest possible opportunity.

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