IISC Workshop Request - Rev February 2023
Please use this form to indicate your interest in having IISC deliver one of our two primary collaborative capacity building workshops - Facilitative Leadership for Social Change (FL4SC) or Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work (FFRJW) - to all or part of your organization, network, or community. For details about these workshops, including pricing, visit: this page on our website. You will be asked in this request form to affirm that you have read the information on this page.

Note also that due to robust demand and our need to ensure the well-being of all IISC staff involved in planning for and delivering our workshops, we require a few months lead time for the scheduling and delivery of workshops. Thanks for your patience.

More information about Advancing Racial Justice in Organizations (ARJ) can be found here
Further inquiries should be made by email to Sara Oaklander, Business Development Manager, at soaklander@interactioninstitute.org.

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If you selected FL4SC, please affirm that you understand this workshop explores how we as leaders  can build shared power and orient away from the types of leadership many of us have been taught and that many of our organizations tend to recreate: top-down, directive, command and control types of leadership where resources and power (especially decision-making) are concentrated in the hands of very few. Read more about FL4SC here: https://interactioninstitute.org/training/facilitative-leadership-for-social-change-virtual/ *
If you selected FFRJW, please affirm that you understand that FFRJW does not offer an introduction to race and racism or to facilitation, but rather assumes some level of knowledge and experience. Read more here: https://interactioninstitute.org/training/fundamentals-of-facilitation-for-racial-justice-work/ *
How many people would be participating in this workshop? Please note that our workshops are designed for as many as 24-30 participants. *
Please describe the potential participants. What are their roles within your organization, network, or community? How do the potential participants self-identify in terms of race, gender, age category, and more. *
Please share what the purpose would be of offering this workshop to all/part of your organization, network, or community. What has prompted your interest at this time? What are you hoping the workshop will accomplish? *
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