Join the Stanford +OUTlist or ALLYlist
The +OUTlist exists to promote visibility of the Stanford Medicine LGBTQ+ community and allies to those at Stanford and beyond. The ALLYlist exists as a supporting website that displays allies to the LGBTQ+ community within Stanford Medicine. Both the OUTlist and ALLYlist are presented as external lists on a public website (please note: the external list is visible to everyone).

Your submission will also be used to form a moderated list serv that will include announcements of Stanford Medicine LGBTQ+ events and updates. The purpose of this list serv is to build community. You may opt out of the list serv at any time.

Thank you for participating in the Stanford +OUTlist! We appreciate your time and dedication to the LGBTQ+ community here at Stanford Medicine. For any questions, please e-mail

NOTE: Submissions will be added to the OUTlist and ALLYlist every Friday. Please proof your submission prior to submitting!

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