Crosbie Wind Farm - Public consultation events feedback form
Your feedback is vital to our approach to the Crosbie Wind Farm proposal. We invite you to share your views on our early-stage proposal, which will be taken into account as we develop our plans. 

Please note that personal data provided in response to questions in this form will be stored securely by Message Matters, Galileo's communications and community consultants, in full compliance with GDPR. Your data will only be used for the purposes of communication on the Crosbie Wind Farm proposal. 
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If approved, Crosbie Wind Farm will bring a community benefit fund of around £390,000 for every year that the wind farm is in operation. Are there any local priorities and projects that you would like to see supported? Please give details.  *
If Crosbie Wind Farm is approved, we would like to offer the community up to 10% ownership in the wind farm. Is this of interest to you?  *
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If you wish to contact us to discuss the project, please get in touch:

Post: Galileo, 7-9 North St David Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1AW

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