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About SHIFT NC: SHIFT NC (Sexual Health Initiatives for Teens NC) is a non-profit based in Durham, NC with the mission to improve adolescent and young adult sexual health across the state.

About the Youth Advisory Council (YAC): The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) will provide an opportunity for participants ages 14-19 to develop leadership, advocacy, and peer education skills in addition to learning about sexual and reproductive health. Participants will provide valuable feedback to ensure SHIFT NC sexual and reproductive health programming meets the diverse needs of youth in NC.

YAC Members: We aim to recruit 12-15 youth of diverse identities and experiences from across North Carolina. Participants must be interested in health equity, sexual and reproductive health, and adolescent health. YAC members must demonstrate motivation for the work and a strong sense of responsibility and determination.

Commitment: The YAC will convene virtually twice a month (1-2 hours each) to participate in one training and one meeting from January until May 2021. Participants must commit to all of Year 1 and intend to serve on the YAC in Year 2 (Aug. 2021 – May 2022). A $25 stipend will be given to YAC members at each meeting/training if they attend the full session.

Finalists must be available for a 30-minute interview the week of December 7-11.

Please answer the questions below to let us know more about your experiences and interests. We will be in touch the first week of December to schedule a time for an interview.
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Tell us about yourself and the identities that you hold (i.e. Do you identify as: BIPOC (black, indigenous, person of color); LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual, +); first generation immigrant; neurodivergent (your brain functions in way that is not dominant in society; i.e. dyslexic, autistic, epileptic, etc.); a person with a physical disability; or another identity?). How will the identities you hold influence the views you’ll bring to the YAC? *
Describe your experience or interest in learning about adolescent sexual and reproductive health. *
What kind of service projects or advocacy have you been involved with in your community? *
Do you have any issues accessing wifi (financial barriers, etc.)? Would you be using your wifi hotspot for internet during meetings? If so, how is your internet connection? *
Why do you want to join the SHIFT NC Youth Advisory Council? What experience/skills do you hope to gain from your participation on the council? How will you use this opportunity to improve adolescent health in your community? *
Below are some of the potential topics we will be covering. Please mark the top five topics that you want to learn about and add any additional topics of interest. *
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