Four Seasons- Hunt Application

(Any received after will be placed on waiting list)

Hunt Dates:
May 3 - 26 2019

The four seasons.....Summer,Autumn,winter & Spring.

Designers choose which of the 4 seasons to theme their prize on.
Designers will be to nominate up to 2 seasons chosen from the application in order of preference, however allocation will based on how many participants in that particular season.
We need to cover all four seasons.
Designers will be notified of which ONE season they have been assigned to from their chosen seasons on their application.

STORES: 50 max

COST: This is a $2L Hunt

Rating: This hunt is aimed at a mature audience.No children's stores thank you.

ALL SPONSOR POSITIONS ARE NOW FULL - you can ,however, apply to be on the wait list in the event that a position opens.

and sent the sponsor welcome pack with instructions.

As a sponsor you:
*Will Be Placed In The Top 2-12 positions, Which Will Be Assigned On A First Come First Serve Basis
*Will have your logo placed on blog; with SLURL link to your store.
*You must have a store in game to apply.
* Please read the rules on our blog before applying.
*You or an often checked in alt, must join the Gossip event group for the duration of the hunt. If you have no group space left you are to inform staff and we will add you to the'messenger only' merchant list.
*All HUNT ITEMS ARE SENT VIA MESSENGER SERVICE WITH A DROP DOWN BOX. It is your responsibility to accept items as they are sent or contact staff if you accidently declined them.
* No Child/teen content.
*MULTI VENDOR ONLY STORES. Unless you sell textures, animations,gestures OR have ONE single item with more than one colour/texture per vendor, you will not be accepted. ( Building and furniture stores who have items in a vendor with a rez option are fine). Your store must provide the minimum 15 different items. Simply, if you are say a fashion store and have all your store items mixed into in one or two vendors you will not be accepted into our hunts.
* If you have a store located in an Adult rated sim, you can still apply, But we will provide an alternate path for hunters.
* Only creators of high quality, original items will be accepted.
*NO Business in a box, No Breedables.
*MALLS - stores in a mall are accepted only if there is a landing point DIRECTLY outside or in your store.
* You MUST provide a hunt item that is KEEPING WITH THE HUNT THEME.


* April 9--------Applications Close
* April 16 --------All sponsorship fees are to be paid by now
* April 19 ----------Final packs sent
* April 29---------Hints due
* May 3---------HUNT STARTS
* May 26-------HUNT ENDS

Store Name *
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Store SLURL *
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Owner's Name *
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Who should we send ALL HUNT RELATED ITEMS to? *
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Sim rating *
Adult sims a fine, we will notify hunters with sim restriction on our blog
Are you a member of the Gossip! Events group? (We strongly advise you or a representative join) *
Copy link to Join - secondlife:///app/group/2aef9513-2d23-e8e2-462e-417f0859ef55/about. You can also subscribe as a merchant at our office
Do you wish to sponsor this hunt? *
Sponsors receive top 2-11 positions in hunt, notice rights, and logo with slurl placed on the Gossip! blog
Do you accept that all items are to be sent through using a messenger service? *
It is your responsibility to accept these items from the drop down box as they are sent, Let staff know if you misplace them
What is your FIRST preference of season you wish to base your gift on? *
you will be allocated only one season, subject to availability
What is your SECOND preference of season for this hunt? *
DO NOT SELECT THE SAME SEASON as the previous question(if you do,we will end up picking a second preference for you). This is to ensure all seasons are covered in this hunt.
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