2020 TABS Annual Conference Proposal Submission Form
Please read the following guidelines prior to submitting your proposal.

1. ALL SPEAKERS are responsible for their own expenses, including conference registration fee, hotel accommodations and travel. Do not add co-presenters to your session without first informing them of their registration requirements.

2. ALL SPEAKERS FROM FOR-PROFIT COMPANIES or organizations submitting or included in a proposal submission must be or agree to become a TABS corporate sponsor and all terms specific to sponsors.

3. TABS gives preference to presentations unique to, or first delivered at, the TABS Conference. Proposals that seem designed to promote a particular program, school, or product, will not be accepted.

4. You may submit up to two session proposals. If proposing more than one session, please submit each proposal separately.

5. Proposals listing more than three speakers will not be considered, unless specific arrangements are confirmed in writing by the TABS office.

6. Your school or organization must agree to support your participation prior to submitting your proposal.

7. Priority will be given to sessions that include presenters from more than one institution or program, as diverse points of view are preferred.
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