St. Elizabeth School: You Have "ChoiSES"!
Is St. Elizabeth School (SES) right for your child? Take this short quiz to find out. For each statement below, you have two options: AGREE or DISAGREE. Click the answer that best matches each statement. (Please note: This quiz assumes that your child is currently enrolled in a school other than St. Elizabeth School.)
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I believe that all children can learn. *
Most of the staff at my child's current school believe that all children can learn. *
I worry that many people focus more on my child's disability than his/her abilities. *
I believe that most of the staff at my child's current school treat all students equally. *
I believe that my child's current school has the staffing, expertise, and resources to support my child's unique learning needs. *
I am satisfied with the education my child is receiving at his or her current school. *
I believe my child is safe in his or her current educational setting. *
At times I feel like almost no one understands my child's needs. *
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