Student dialogue in your classroom: Pre-workshop survey
A mix of fact and opinion; please estimate as needed!
You will have an opportunity to share some of your thoughts on these throughout the workshop day.
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Student-to-Student Dialogue
On a scale of 1 (least) to 5 (greatest), how do you feel that student-to-student dialogue in your classroom impacts... *
1 (not at all)
5 (extremely high impact)
Students' Academic Vocabulary Knowledge
Student Language Development
Student Test Scores
Overall Student Understanding
On a scale of 1 (least) to 5 (greatest), how often do students have these peer discussions in your class? *
Please estimate the frequency of opportunities for conversation.
Fewer than once a fortnight
Once every two weeks
Once a week
Twice a week
Once a lesson (or more)
Vocabulary Discussion
Discussion requiring students to elaborate or clarify a topic
Discussion where students must brainstorm examples of a concept
Discussion where students must build on each others' ideas
Paraphrasing activities
Activities requiring students to summarize a peer discussion
Test review discussion
What impact do you feel that student-to-student dialogue has on the following? *
1 (no impact)
5 (extremely high impact)
Students’ confidence in school
Students' ability to express their thinking in writing
Students' willingness to contribute to class discussions
Please list some positive results of student-to-student dialogue that you have observed or anticipate observing.
Please list your concerns about student-to-student dialogue
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