VengeanceWoW Survey #1
Please take some time to answer the following questions if you'd like to help us better adapt to our community's wishes.
When was the last time you logged in to play on Vengeance?
How interested are you in seeing daily quest hubs released before we reach the proper point in progression?
Not interested
Very interested
Should we remove the Alterac Valley mark requirement of "For Great Honor"?
This is a repeatable quest which allows players to turn in 1 mark from each battleground for bonus honor points. AV is currently disabled and cannot be entered.
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Do you support the idea of restarting arena season 1 soon?
This would mean that all teams in all brackets would have their rating/ranking reset. Leaders of each bracket will receive a cosmetic reward. When Black Temple is released, season 1 will officially end - titles and mounts will be distributed at that time.
Not interested
Very interested
Where did you hear about our project?
Anything else you'd like to tell us?
Your answer
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