Facilitator Questionnaire
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The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine your next step in Small Groups and position you in a place of growth and success.

Who is a Venue Small Group Facilitator?
A person officially recognized and empowered to help steward a group of people toward their fullest life in Christ.

What is expected of a Venue Small Group Facilitator?
We believe that one of the greatest tools we have to affect change within our church is through the relationships we develop.

Facilitators are not merely Group Leaders; we are models and examples to the people we lead and lives we influence. Therefore, leadership is not something that should be taken or bestowed lightly. As leaders, our lives are on display and our calling is worth integrity and honor.

Leaders are not called to live perfect lives; but we are called to be different and to live upright, holy, and disciplined.
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To facilitate a Small Group at Venue Church you must have attended Venue for at least 4 months and have been a part of a Venue Small Group.
If you were part of a church previously, why did you end up leaving? *
When did you make the decision to ask Jesus into your life? Describe your journey since then. *
If someone in your group asked you how to become a Christian what would you say? *
Is there anything in your life at this point you might think would hinder you from leading a group at this point in time? *
Examples could be but aren't limited to: (Abuse of alcohol, drugs, self harm, addiction to pornography, dangerous situations at home, current ongoing inappropriate sexual relations, living together without being married, currently going through a divorce or recently divorced)
How would you describe the environment in your home? *
Would you consider it healthy? *
Do you feel you meet these 3 healthy leader indicators? *
If you did not check all 3 of the healthy indicators above, please explain.
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Please provide more details or a description of the group you would like to facilitate if God has put anything specific on your heart. *
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