NY Tech Volunteer Corps Project Application

We know what the power of community and the power of the tech ecosystem can provide to solve many problems nonprofits and small businesses face after a disaster strikes. In response to the most recent, COVID-19, and in preparation of future disasters, NY Tech Alliance is tapping into its community of over 60,000 to assemble a volunteer task force to respond and support organizations and small businesses in their rebuilding efforts.

This form is for any nonprofit organizations and small businesses that could use some technology assistance in their rebuilding efforts!

Types of projects we will be accepting:
-Website design/redesign
-Implementation of productivity tools
-Assessment of technology tools and services
-Training in the use of tech products and services
-Data/database management
-POS and financial management solutions
-Cybersecurity assessments and services

Project selection criteria for the current campaign:
-Projects for nonprofit must serve the NYC community
-For small businesses - less than 10 employees
-Must have an internal project champion
-Open to nonprofit organizations/collectives/groups and community members that have social good/impact projects that would benefit from tech assistance
-Particular focus will be given to women and minority-owned and managed organizations as well as those in majority-minority communities
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