Envirotech English Placement Test
Greetings from Envirotech!

We are excited that you chose studying with us and would like to ensure you have the right level of English so we can better place you in one of our courses. Please take this test seriously, concentrate and do your best.

The test contains 10 parts. The test is designed to become harder as you progress, to assess your exact level. Work as fast and accurate as you can and ensure you answer all questions. If you feel you do not understand a question or know how to answer, please move to the next one.

We wish you good luck!!

Envirotech Team

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Part 1
Put a, an, the, or nothing in the gaps:
I have ____________ breakfast at eight o’clock.
I read ____________ Sydney Morning Herald every morning.
I go to ____________ school by bus.
Can I have ____________ chicken sandwich, please.
Please close _________ window. It’s cold.
What time do you go to _________ bed?
Jim Carey is _____________ actor.
I like playing volleyball on ____________ beach.
I go to work by ___________ train.
David has __________ big house in the country.
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