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Beginning June 4 thru week prior to Thanksgiving, November 12, (24 weeks) the farmer drops off the produce for pickup Fridays 4:00-6:30 pm in Matawan near Main Street.  Members joining after this date, will have their share cost adjusted.
Half Shares are available for all 3 options below. Please reach out if you need help to find you a partner. Half shares will COMBINE their payments, so ONLY ONE of the members of the pair, makes the payments and sets up the registration.

Premium Share : Will contain, on average, 10-12 items and a larger quantity of most of the items in the basic share( this is is similar to our full share from previous seasons). Over the course of the season the premium share will include various less common vegetables, such as escarole, radicchio, fennel and frissee, not found in the basic or medium share.

Basic Share : Will contain, on average, 9-10 items. It will be approximately 75% of the Premium share.

Pre-bagged medium share: Will contain, on average, 9-10 items. and half of the quantity of many of the items in the premium share. Includes the cost of bagging.

If you wish your Premium or Basic Share to be pre-bagged for an easy pick up and go option, the charge will be $75 for the season.
COST  + Early Bird Pricing (EB), Site Fee (SF)
SHARE TYPE        FULL                FULL EARLYBIRD              
Premium*            $990 + $15 sf       $950 + $15 sf  
Basic*                    $825  + $15 sf   $795 + $15 sf
Pre-Bag Medium    $660  + $15 sf   $640 + $15 sf  
PAYMENT DUE BY May 22                      Feb 23
*Add $75 for pre-bagging

If you wish to join after the season starts, shares will be pro-rated.
Optional Fruit Share $250

Half share partners combine their share cost and make 1 (or 2 if taking fruit share) Venmo payment to the farmer.                                                              
They combine their site fee and make 1 Venmo payment to the CSA Host Susan Mann.
Do not include your site fee with your Venmo payment to the farmer.

 Half-shares should be set up to either:
1. Alternate weeks that member will visit, so that 1 member comes 1 week & the other comes the next week.
2.One member visits and picks up veggies. The veggies can then be split between each member AFTER pickup. Note that the veggies are delivered by the farmer in quantities of sometimes 1 lettuce or 3 squash, so you should have a way of allocating to accommodate this. It is up to the partners to divvy up the share, as the CSA is not able to do this for you.

Half share members cannot visit separately during the same day. Both members may visit together.

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Cell( Phone # to be used to text you if have not picked up your share by 6:30 pm) *
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If you have a partner who you will be sharing with please list their LAST name.
If you have a partner who you will be sharing with please list their  email.
If you have a partner who you will be sharing with please list their phone number.
Payment Options & Instructions-Payment due May 22 or Feb 23 for early bird discount
VENMO Payments :
1. Farmer payment:  @John-Krueger-19  Last 4 digits of his phone: 6935
(EMAIL A COPY OF YOUR FARMER JOHN VENMO CONFIRMATION to Slbmann9@gmail.com, with the words  CSA Receipt in the subject line.)

2. Site fee (SF):  $15:  susan-mann-32272  Mark on payment Matawan CSA site fee.
Do not use the toggle switch when paying your Venmo fees, as this adds a service charge to your payment.  
Share Options-Half shares will combine both partners' payments, so that there is 1 Venmo payment for the farmer & 1 Venmo payment for site fee *
Fruit Share
We are asking for your help in donating  to a family in need for this year. Those who are less fortunate than us, may not have access to the most healthful food. Food banks only provide canned foods and non-perishables.  The funds will be used to purchase end of season stock-up shares. Please give what you can.
If you wish to donate to a family in need, please VENMO to  susan-mann-32272  and mark it "FAMILY IN NEED".  The deadline to contribute is May 22.
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Marlboro NJ Page
Old Bridge Parents
Sayreville/Parlin Parents
All About Matawan
Aberdeen NJ Community
Internet search
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Returning CSA Member
Facebook Group and other sources
Select Your Volunteer Shift Date:  *
Would you be interested in helping out with Virtual volunteering? if yes, please select the volunteer position at this link and mark it below  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14xUztmp6Qeknt7V5sYAQPxRz3GN5qWRU2PXXkE5IX-w/edit#gid=1918738752
Please read and if agreeable submit this form and your payment
I commit to membership in the Matawan CSA for the 2023 season which is planned to run for 24 weeks starting​ Friday, June 4 (pro-rated members start after this date) and ending Friday, November 12.​ As a member of the CSA, I will receive a weekly share of produce. The shares will vary by size and weight depending on the season.

One aspect of CSA is that members support their farmer by sharing in the inherent risks of agriculture (poor weather, drought, disease, early frost, crop failure and so on) and rewards (the bounty from a good season.) CSA farmers purposely plan for such contingencies and use growing techniques that protect the harvest, minimize risk to members and optimize the rewards: growing a wide variety of crops that thrive in different types of conditions, cover cropping, crop rotation, and irrigation. Moreover, the CSA builds relationships of trust between the farmer and the community group. On the whole, members should get a wide variety of vegetables in generous amounts. Therefore I agree that while John Krueger will act in good faith to provide fresh organic produce for the duration of the season, there is no guarantee of quantities or contents of weekly shares.

The Matawan CSA is operated entirely by volunteer effort, & each member share is required to contribute at least 1 volunteer shift during the 24 week season. Please note that if members are scheduled and cannot come, they are responsible to find a replacement by emailing the group at matawan-csa@googlegroups.com and confirming with the Volunteer Coordinator that a replacement has been found.
CSA updates  are sent via email. I will check my email at least 2x weekly for CSA updates.

Yes, I will notify anyone that is picking up my share of the rules including how to sign in and park.
I agree to take only the produce/goods that are part of my share, and only in the amounts designated.

I am fully aware that it is necessary to inspect and wash all produce thoroughly before consuming. Farmer John Krueger, his workers, his farm, all CSA members and administrators, Susan Mann, and the pickup location we use to pick up our shares and their administrators and employees have no liability in terms of the safety of the food or the premises.

On Pickup Day, I will park  in pickup location’s assigned parking section only. I will  not double park, or block other drivers.

I am also fully aware that when driving, parking and picking up my CSA share at the pickup location in Matawan, NJ​ I do so willingly and the business owners have no liability.

I agree to not hold the pickup location, the farmer, or business owner for any injury to me, my family, guests, or damages to any of our property that might occur at the pickup location.

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