A Well-Fed World Grant Application
A Well-Fed World's Global Grants prioritize plant-based feeding and farming programs as well as events, advocacy, education, and community-building that promote the benefits of plant-based food choices and policies. Grants are not provided for the use or promotion of animal-sourced foods (meat, dairy, eggs, honey, etc).


The first section below is required for ALL grant applications.

The sections that follow are intended only for specific types of projects: (1) events, (2) food production/distribution, (3) farmed animal care/rescue, and (4) additional details for international (non-US) grants.

Complete only the relevant sections after the first page. Enter "N/A" if specific questions are not applicable.

Our grant reviews are generally completed within 6-8 weeks. Typical grants are $500 for individuals and $1,000 for organizations. For more details, visit awfw.org/grants.

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