Aircraft Tracking Questionnaire
This questionnaire is targeted at General Aviation pilots. It's completely anonymous if you wish. If you want to stand a chance of winning a Beegle X-1 Micro-Tracker with 6 months of Data Plan 200 (see for details) valued at R12,000 (about $850), please give a valid email address. Draw to take place end July 2019.
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What do you fly? *
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How many total hours do you have (in all types)? *
It can be approximate.
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How many hours do you fly per month (approx)? *
It can be approximate.
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How many emergencies have you had in your flying career? *
We'll define "emergency" as a situation where there was a forced landing or "land immediately" was prescribed.
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How important do you consider a tracking device that will notify people on the ground in case of emergency? *
Noting that GSM devices (including cell phones) do not work
Not important
Do you fly with a tracking device? *
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