2018 Libraries Rock! Summer Adventures survey
We are looking for feedback on our Summer programming. Please help us to provide quality programming for all to enjoy. Thank you.
Did your children enjoy any of the following programs during the summer? Please check any and all that you attended. *
Did your children officially sign up for Libraries Rock 2018 Summer Adventures? *
If your child did not participate in Summer Adventures at all, please tell us why.
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Were you aware of the changes we made in our summer reading program this year? Please check off any you were aware of. *
Is the signing of the banner an incentive for your child? *
Are the certificates important? *
Are the prizes important? *
If your child received a BINGO card or reading list/goal from school, would you prefer us to just accept that instead of giving out an additional form? *
What can we do to make the summer program more attractive and/or accessible to all?
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Any further comments? Thank you for your input.
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