Easy Stories in English Listener Survey
This survey will allow me to understand you, the listeners, better, so that I can make more interesting content that you enjoy.

At the end of it, I will give you a link to download the bonus beginner story The City Mouse and the Country Mouse.
What country do you live in? *
What city do you live in?
How old are you? *
What are your hobbies / interests?
How long have you been listening to the podcast? *
Which levels do you listen to? *
What is your favourite length of episode? How long should episodes be? *
Do you like it when a story has multiple chapters / episodes? *
For example, Billy and Dim and To Be a Hero had several chapters / episodes.
What are your favourite genres for stories? *
Do you prefer fairy tales or modern stories?
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What is your favourite episode of the podcast?
Where do you listen to the podcast? Do you do anything else while listening? *
Is there anything you DON'T like about the podcast?
How did you find out about the podcast? *
Are you part of the Patreon? *
What other ESL podcasts do you listen to?
What ESL YouTube channels do you watch?
Do you listen to podcasts for native speakers? Or watch TV shows for native speakers? Which ones? *
What do you read in English? Books, articles, tweets etc. Do you read things for learners or for native speakers? *
What do you want to see more of from Easy Stories in English? What extra things can I do for you?
Join Ariel's Book Team!
Soon, I will be releasing books for Easy Stories in English. These will be collections of short stories and short novels for ESL students.

If you join Ariel's Book Team, I will send you the books before they are finished for FREE! You can read them before everyone else.

Join here: www.EasyStoriesInEnglish.com/BookTeam
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