2020 Dolly Mrozek Scholarship
We enjoyed reading everyone's responses last year! We would like to thank every person who participated, as we were able to share in the joy of others in memory of Dolly. She was an amazing mother, sister, aunt, and grandmother, who would be tickled to know we were able to provide educational opportunities in her honor.

In keeping with this year's theme of "Practical Diversions," we're going to ask about what you do in your spare time. Dolly loved spending time with her family, drinking tea while looking at the lake, and going thrift store shopping. She had piles of books about gardening and cooking, and shared those loves with everyone who knew her.

This scholarship covers the registration for 2 adults ($110 each) and one youth ($45). We will contact you with the phone number listed here. Please keep in mind that more funds may become available for this scholarship.
Dolly, in her early "lake looking" years
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It's a Friday night and you have the house to yourself. Dolly would stay up late watching gardening shows and eating cookies. What are you doing? *
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Suddenly money appears in your pocket. While this never happened to Dolly (we don't think), she would have headed right to the thrift store to check out some deals. What would you love to add to your collection/start collecting? *
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Finally, tell us how you plan to use and share the knowledge you gain from the conference. Just letting you know, Dolly would be proud that you're making yourself a better person by learning and growing. *
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