Saffron Membership - Support Request
This is a confidential form for women, non-binary and other gender non-conforming folks.

We appreciate that now more than ever is a financially difficult time for some people, so if you are unable to afford the full cost of attending the music production course, please fill in this support form and we'll allocate free or donation tickets where appropriate and possible to do so.

** Please only apply for this if you can definitely attend all sessions of the course.

Thanks to Ableton for supporting this course!

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Please briefly explain why you feel you qualify for a free ticket. For example, you're an aspiring/emerging artist but you are long-term unemployed, single parent, on government financial aid, or living in a country with lower than global average GDP. *
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Diversity & Equal Opportunities
Collecting data on the diversity of applicants is important to help us gain a better understanding of where there may be inequalities and barriers to opportunities and to progression – a necessary step in working towards a more inclusive and representative community.
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