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The Mission of the Programmings & Controls Team is to promote intellectual curiosity through complex engineering challenges in order to support the goals of the greater team.
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The Programming & Controls team is responsible for the following:
• All code for the FRC & FTC robots including
◦ Code for robot sub systems
◦ Autonomous routines
◦ Building the controller mapping
• Defining the sensors and other electronics on the robots
• Helping test run robots and prototypes by being experts on the control system
• Work with other teams at competition to debug their robot, code, or autonomous modes
Fall Season
During the fall season, we will be working on FTC robots. This is a great opportunity to take on a leadership role when we split into multiple FTC teams. We will likely be using ‘onBot’ Java as the programming language and environment. During this time we will also work with the FRC robots in preparation for the spring season. All of the efforts and learning in FTC is transferable to FRC, and only programmers from the fall season will be eligible for the programming & controls team in the spring.
Spring Season
The major focus of the spring season is FRC. We will likely be programming the robots in LabVIEW. The entire build and competition season will be fast paced and require a significant commitment from the programming & controls team. It is important that students on the team make their best effort to attend meetings regularly and should have higher attendance than the minimum team requirement.

At competition there are three major expectations from the programming & controls team, these roles will be split up among the members of the team:

1) Make sure the robot is running including programming the radio for competition, verifying the correct code is on the robot, and helping with regular system checks between matches and after any code change. Code changes on the fly may be needed for autonomous or to support the feedback from the drive team.
2) Work with other teams at the competition to make sure they are up and running and can complete the basic auton task.
3) Be present during judging so we can clearly explain and show off all of the hard work put into the programming and control systems.

Team Expectations
Programming & Controls is the most difficult and rewarding part of the team. There is no limit to the amount that can be learned, at the same time you WILL NOT be able to learn what you need to know by only doing programming work during the meetings. Therefore it is expected that students take some time outside of the robotics class to learn on their own in addition to what we do in the class (however school work always comes first).

It is the expectation that programming mentors will guide and support all teammates, and provide learning materials and key learning objectives to the students. However we are not teachers, it is critical that students take the initiative in their own learning and do not treat the meetings as a class.

Programming Lead (Optional Position)
A programming lead may be named by the lead programming mentor before or during the season, this position is earned by a student going above and beyond and has a solid understanding of robotics concepts and a high level of maturity. It is not a guarantee that this position will be filled.

This person will be expected to coordinate all programming activities on the team which may include:

1) Managing the division of programming tasks
2) Managing the source control repository
3) In charge of any and all code changes during competition

Additionally this person will be part of the RoboChargers leadership team.

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