I offer a Job
To be able to offer someone a Job, you have to apply for a Sound Prosperity Membership FIRST. This is FREE. This onetime information will be used for all you want to do within SPSO.
The one you offer the Job needs to have a MySPURT Account too, and apply for a Sound Prosperity Membership too.
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Did you register yourself already as FREE member of SPSO?
This is required to be part of ANY program of the Sound Prosperity Social Organization (see under Home)
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This number will be used to link you to the Sound Prosperity Membership you applied already for, and to pay you.
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I want to offer a Job to my friend with the MySPURT Account Number: *
Before you can provide a Job, the person you provide a Job has to open a MySPURT account and ALSO apply for a Sound Prosperity Membership. Please add their information here, so they can be paid. ADD HERE THE RECEIVING SPURT ACCOUNT NUMBER.
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Here add the name of the account holder you want to be paid.
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I want to offer a Job, for the person above so he/she can: *
You can offer a Job to another person OR to yourself!! (Work for Sound Prosperity, see the offers below.)
Please provide information on why you think this person can do the Job you want to offer him /her and if you clicked "other" please explain. *
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Normal wage in the area for the work offered. *
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Please provide other information if available and of interest
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Sound Prosperity offers a job, and pays for it, to enthusiastic members willing to work for us. Are you interested to work for our organization and be:
You will earn, during the time that you are working for us, for example 2000 SPURT per month (if you live in Western countries). SPURT earned this way will be (partly) available for exchange into SPURT+.
I would love to be a part of Sound Prosperity. My skills are:
Please describe what your skills could do for Sound Prosperity
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Payment through PayPal
I offer a Job has a yearly fee of 120,-- EURO payable through www.paypal.com to info@soundprosperity.org. PLEASE add the MySPURT Account Number to the payment. If you do not live in the Western Countries, you might negotiate.
The person with the Job will receive, at the end of each month 2000 SPURT, after:
1. Approval
2. Payment of the fee
3. Proof of work done (monthly)
In case work is not done, the SPURT transfers will stop.

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