25th Annual Gamble Rogers Music Festival: Application to Perform May 1-3 2020
The application process for performers of the 25th annual Gamble Rogers Music Festival is now open. The 2020 Festival will be held for its fifth year at the Colonial Quarter in historic downtown St. Augustine, Florida from Friday, May 1 through Sunday, May 3, 2020.

Performers must complete this application AND send a digital press kit with a high resolution photograph and two or three links to live performances, emailed to: gamblerogersfestbooking@gmail.com with the Subject: "Artist's Selection Committee". The deadline for applications is December 31st 2019 and those artists who are selected for the festival will be contacted by March 1st to confirm the details of their performance.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large amount of applications received each year, we will not be able to reply to each and every applicant prior to the festival in May. YOU WILL ONLY BE CONTACTED if you ARE chosen by the committee to perform. We keep all applications on file for consideration at our future music festivals and events but we highly encourage you to keep applying each year if you don't hear back! Thank you for your interest in participating in the Gamble Rogers Music Festival.
Email address *
DEADLINE: The submission window for the next festival is September 1 - December 31, 2019
Please only one "band" per application. Fill out information for your entire group! Performers must complete this application AND send a digital press kit with 2-3 links with live performances, emailed to: gamblerogersfestbooking@gmail.com with the Subject: "Artist's Selection Committee 2020"
Contact Information: List names of all band members, email(s), and a phone number for the primary contact *
Do you have a link to a live performance? If yes, enter 2-3 below (and then send via email with your photo/press kit to gamblerogersfestbooking@gmail.com once you are done with this application) *
What is the title of your most recent recording and when was it released?
Describe your musical style and any pertinent or unique information about your band, for instance - What is the instrumentation that you and your band will be bringing to the festival?
Have you participated as a musician in the Gamble Rogers Music Festival in the past 2-3 years? *
How many are people are attending the festival with you? (Include all band members & backstage guests) *
Are you traveling from out of town to St. Augustine? *
Camping? The Festival has partnered with Anastasia State Park and has a very limited number of campsites set aside for us. Please check "yes" if you want more information about a campsite. *
If selected for the festival would you be willing to offer a workshop as part of our Folk School? This can be music, instrument skill, or some other folk or "forgotten" craft that you would like to share. *
What type of workshop would you like to offer? Please provide a title and a short description.
Will you be participating in the "I Remember Gamble Contest"? 1st Prize $500 - 2nd Prize $250 - 3rd Prize $100 *
Youth Performers Only: Musicians under 18 must provide us with contact information for parents/guardian. Include their: Name(s), email(s), and phone number(s) below.
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