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“This Is My Englewood 21:36” initiative also known as T.I.M.E. 21:36 is looking for Public Safety Community Ambassadors to help develop and implement community based crime reduction strategies in the Chicago Police Department 7th District beats 712 and 725 in Englewood. The boundaries for beat 712 is Racine to Halsted between 55th & 63rd and beat 725 is Wood to Loomis between 63rd & 69th street. The T.I.M.E. 21:36 initiative is a public safety project funded by the Department of Justice to reduce crime in Englewood by focusing on certain areas in the community with resources, public safety projects, and community engagement. Public Safety Community Ambassador will be apart of creating and supporting events, projects, and larger initiatives for an 18 month commitment.

• Conduct community outreach within the beat and community about TIME 21:36, public safety events and
initiatives to increase community participation.
• Organize and engage new potential leaders around the goals of the T.I.M.E. 21:36 project.
• Organize events and projects in beats 712 & beats 725.
• Participate in mandatory training.
• Help create the Englewood Leadership Council, a network of residents and stakeholders working on public
safety in beat 712 or beat 725.
• Special consideration for those considered credible messengers.

• Must be a resident or an individual with influence and/or key relationships in beat 712 or beat 725.
• Can provide a community reference that speaks to the candidates community volunteerism in beat 712 or
beat 725.
• Preferred involvement in community efforts around public safety such as the Englewood Quality of Life Plan,
Resident Association of Greater Englewood, Chicago Park District, CAPS, local schools, etc.
• Need to be available most evenings and weekends for meetings and training.
• Needs to be flexible, open minded, a team player, able to work through conflicts & able to work well with
• Can commit to a minimum of 15 hours a month to the role for up to 18 months.

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