Fall 2018 BMES Tutor Application
The BMES student chapter at UT Dallas is excited to announce that we are collaborating with IEEE and ASME to launch our third year of BMEN tutoring as part of a full-scale engineering Enrichment Center this Fall 2018 semester. We are currently soliciting tutor applications for a number BMEN courses:

BMEN 2320 - Statics
ENGR 3300 - Advanced Engineering Mathematics
BMEN 3320 - Electrical and Electric Circuits
BMEN 3315 - Thermodynamics and Physical Chemistry
BMEN 3330 - Engineering Physiology of the Human Body
BMEN 4310 - Feedback Systems in Biomedical Engineering
EE 3302 - Signals and Systems

If you are interested in tutoring for any of these courses, please fill out the following form. Applicants will be contacted shortly after. Please note that this will be a volunteer position.

NOTE: We do not require a minimum grade requirement for prospective tutor applicants!

If you have any questions regarding tutor responsibilities or the application process, please do not hesitate to email us at utdbmes@gmail.com.

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BMEN 2320
ENGR 3300
BMEN 3320
BMEN 3315
BMEN 3330
BMEN 4310
EE 3302
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