Workshop proposal for KISS2016: Emergence
Do you thrive on sharing your love of all things sound and computing? Do you love to explain and to teach?

The Kyma community welcomes your insights! Propose a tutorial or hands-on workshop on some aspect of using Kyma — it could be sound design, it could be related to creating a performance environment for yourself, it could be about sound synthesis or systems for live improvisation in an ensemble.

Do you teach Kyma as part of a course or as a private coach? Are you looking to enhance your reputation as a Kyma guru or to expand your network? Is there something you had to learn the hard way that you’d enjoy helping others learn with the benefit of your hard-won experience? Then we'd love to hear from you!
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Is there a hands-on segment? Should participants bring their Paca(rana) with them? Should they bring samples to transform? Video material? A new controller to try connecting with Kyma? Or should they please sit quietly at their desks and take notes?
What would you like us to provide in the classroom/lab for each participant? *
We will ask that each participant bring their own Paca(rana), laptop running Kyma, and audio interface & that they consider sharing their station with one other person (in case there are not enough stations for everyone). What do you expect each participant to have?
Is this workshop paired with another proposal you are making for KISS2016? *
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What is the source for your sound examples? *
How many laptops or tablets will you bring? *
What is the video output format of your laptop(s) or tablet(s)? *
Please bring along any mini display port and/or Thunderbolt adaptors that you might need
Please list other "furniture" you may need for the presentation portion of your workshop such as tables, chairs, music stands, lights, podium, or other non-electrical items. *
Approximately how many UK power outlets will you require for your presentation? Does all of your equipment work with 230 V, 50 Hz? (Hint, your laptop & Paca(rana) will work without voltage-converters but you may need plug adapters).
For reference, here's a UK power strip & plug:
How much setup time is required prior to presentation? *
Anything else? Please let us know about any other considerations (technical or otherwise) that we may have overlooked.
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Since KISS2016 is all about human interaction, we ask that, should your proposal be accepted, you will attend the symposium to present your work (if unavoidable, unforeseen circumstances arise that prevent your attendance, your presentation may have to be dropped from the program). Also, since the proposals are carefully reviewed by a selection committee, we ask that if your proposal is accepted, that you not substitute a different proposal without submitting the new proposal for a full review by the selection committee. Although, our budget sadly does not allow for remuneration of presenters or performers, De Montfort University has generously offered a conference fee waiver to each principal presenter and a discounted (student rate) conference fee for co-presenters and performers.
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