The Ganga River, India’s National River, is of social, economic, cultural, spiritual and religious significance. At the same time, the river has unique assemblage of biodiversity including charismatic species like Gangetic River Dolphin, Gharial, Mugger, Turtles, Otters, migratory and resident birds that have a crucial role in maintaining the river ecosystem. The River is referred as the “lifeline of India” as it supports the livelihood of millions of people and provides a wide range important ecosystem services. However, due to various anthropogenic pressures such as pollution, unsustainable water extraction and fishing, alteration in the riverbanks and river islands and climate change has impacted the species distribution, river flow and water quality thereby, affecting the ecological health of the River.

To address the issues affecting the social and ecological integrity of the River, Ministry of Jal Shakti initiated the Namami Gange Programme and established the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) to achieve Aviral (Continuous) and Nirmal (Clean) Ganga. For conservation of the Ganga biodiversity, the NMCG entrusted the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) with “Biodiversity and Ganga Conservation” project, to prepare a science based aquatic species restoration plan for the Ganga River by engaging multiple stakeholders.

Under this project, a cadre of Ganga Praharis has been established by WII. The Ganga Praharis are motivated and trained volunteers from the local communities that are residing along the River and are proactively working for its biodiversity conservation and cleanliness. For more details visit

Pravasi Ganga Prahari is a platform created by WII and NMCG to think, implement ideas and work together for a clean and vibrant Ganga. Pravasi Ganga Praharis are the global ambassadors who will contribute to this noble mission by engaging in activities related to conservation of Ganga biodiversity and its cleanliness thereby, supporting the initiative of Government of India. They will play a crucial role in eliciting participation among global citizens of different countries with a passion and zeal to work towards conservation of the Ganga River. Also, they will strengthen the cadre of Ganga Praharis by sharing their knowledge, expertise and experience. The mentors can support the initiative by making voluntary contribution either in monetary or in kind as well.

Every small effort is a significant contribution towards an Aviral and Nirmal Ganga. Members of this programme can participate in both on-site and off-site activities as per their convenience.
We welcome you to fill in your details, to make a difference and improve the present state of the sacred Ganga under the NMCG-WII project.

Kindly follow the link for your contribution towards rejuvenation and cleanliness of the Ganga River in monetary terms.
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